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August 23

We rehearsed Haydn’s “Lark” Quartet in D Major op.64 no.5 today and had a really good rehearsal. The musical decisions we worked our way towards seemed both organic and logical. Of course it comes much easier when you’re working with such seasoned quartet players like Sadao and Jim. Add the incredible musicianship of Federico and it’s like experiencing a drive in a Mercedes Benz and just fine-tuning things here and there.

As the rehearsal came to an end we all knew that there was a reward waiting for us all.
We all drove to the supermarket in Tuttlingen called E-center. There is a bakery in the front section of the store and Federico and me in particular had to muster all of our will power to not eat anything before the BBQ. We grabbed a cart and headed for the meat section. It was glorious! There were links of sausage, prime cuts of beef, ground sirloin, pork chops, lamb chops, marinated kebobs, and bacon. I wanted to buy everything but we decided to stick to our game plan of hamburgers and sausages.
The only vegetables we got were the lettuce and tomatoes to put on our burgers, pickles in a jar, and “potato” chips.
Of course no BBQ is complete without dessert so we grabbed some Movenpick ice cream and lined up at the register. After seeing all this food in front of us, Federico and me could not resist the tantalizing aroma of the bakery any more. We were drawn in like moths to a flame and ordered ourselves a Fleischekase. This is a little wonder created by the E-center bakery and can be best described as tasty processed meat, sandwiched between a heavenly, fluffy, fresh baked roll. Mmm….

The anticipation of a BBQ is just as good, if not better than the actual act of eating. Jim was in the kitchen making the individual patties. Federico was setting up the table on the patio and Sadao and me were in charge of getting the coals ready. It’s funny how lighting a flame tickles our primal urges.
Needless to say, the BBQ was a great success and all we could do was lounge around for the rest of the evening.

-Yosuke Kawasaki

今日はハイドンの“ひばり”四重奏曲(ニ長調、op.64 no.5)を合わせたが、すごくいいリハーサルだった。私達が音楽的にたどり着いたところは、有機的でありかつ論理的だと思う。もちろん、禎夫やジムのような熟練したクァルテットプレイヤーと一緒に演奏していてそういうことが楽に実現するわけだが。加えて、フェデリコの信じられないほどの音楽的才能は、ベンツでドライブしているような感じで、どこもかしこもチューニングがばっちりだ。

デザートなしではバーベキューとは言えないので、いくつかモーベンピックのアイスクリームをつかんでレジに並べた。前に並んだ食べ物全部を見てフェデリコと私は、パン屋の食欲をそそるいい香りにもう我慢できなかった。火に吸い寄せられる虫のように、私達はFleischekase(ミートチーズ)を買った。Fleischekase はE-センターの創り出す驚嘆すべきものだ。おいしいプロセスミートが天上のふわふわの焼きたてパンでサンドイッチされている。ああ…




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